For the second time this month, an earthquake drill was conducted last Tuesday, June 16, but this time, it was unannounced.  Mr. Ramon Belizario, who  managed the practice evactuation, said “This is to test the alertness and preparedness of both teachers and students.”

Noticing that the students were doing it wrong, the earthquake drill was repeated until they got it right.

A fire drill followed where a bonfire was lit and some teachers and students were asked to extinguish the flames to demonstrate to the  general assembly the proper way of putting out a fire.  Several fire extinguishers were consumed as the exercise was done repeatedly to immerse the Casans in the experience.

The Principal, Mr. Richard Pustasa, commented that this was being done to prepare the students for disasters that might come in the future.  More of these drills will be done throughout the school.



Casans listen to Mr. Ramon Belizario for his assessment after the earthquake drill last Tuesday, 9 June 2015 at the quadrangle of the CDN Pacita 2 Campus.

Casans listen to Mr. Ramon Belizario for his assessment after the earthquake drill last Tuesday, 9 June 2015 at the quadrangle of the CDN Pacita 2 Campus.

On Tuesday, 9 June 2015, Casans were trained on how to react during an earthquake via a drill that was led by Mr. Ramon C. Belizario at the CDNSHS Pacita 2 Campus, San Pedro, Laguna.  Students and teachers alike were instructed in their respective classrooms before the alarm was sounded to signal the beginning of the drill.

As expected, the first try was haphazard as the students did not take the practice seriously.  The second one was much more organized and done in just under three minutes from the moment they left their respective rooms until they were all formed in the quadrangle which is the designated area for the Casans to gather.

Mr. Belizario announced that this year, the evacuation drill will be done quarterly.  “The next exercises will be unannounced to practice their preparedness for impending disasters,” he stressed.

The drill is one of the ways in which CDN trains the students to be Scientific-Minded and to face whatever comes in the future.



From May 27 to 30, 2015, teachers from the Pacita 2, Phase 6 and Calamba branches together with some staff members went through a team building process which included the dreaded rappelling supervised by Branch Administrative Officer Mr. Ramon Belizario.

More than 10 activities were prepared for the CDN employees who were fielded into 5 teams of 12 members each.  The innovative games and exercises were exciting and effective as the members had to find strategies that would make them successful at planning and execution.  However, most, if not all of the participants, had second thoughts on whether to go through the courage-testing Rappel exercise where one had to dangle from a rope while navigating the wall by walking backwards from the 4th floor to the ground.  Watching the teachers go through this station was thrilling and proved to be one of the most memorable highlights of the summer.

CDNSSI CEO Ms. Farah Acierto Cabanban spearheaded the activities together with VP Dr. Mark G. Acierto who both encouraged the employees to participate as the event was designed to make them more effective, enthusiastic and innovative.

On the third day, the teams went all the way to an island in Nasugbu, Batangas for the final stage of the event and to beat the heat of summer before classes start.  In the end, Team Violet na Malupet emerged as the champion after tallying scores garnered in the different contests.  It is worth noting that said team was the most diverse in terms of campuses as they were the only group that was composed of employees from the three different branches.  Ms. Farah said that “Despite the perceived weakness of the group, they overcame the obstacles because of strategic planning, focus and doing their best at everything.”

The group had one last exciting experience as they boarded the boats back to the main island.  Everybody had to wade in waist-deep water to get to the boats because the vessels could not get any nearer.  Judging from the faces of the teachers when they got to the Pacita 2 campus to get their salaries Saturday evening, the team building exercise was a successful though a very tiring event.


Last Saturday, the 6th of June 2015, a record number of attendees came for the Parents’ Orientation of the different levels at the Multi-Purpose Hall of the CDN Pacita 2 Campus.  The CEO, Ms. Farah Acierto-Cabanban was on hand to welcome the parents as were EVP Dr. Mark G. Acierto and VP for Finance Ms. Milagros G. Asiddao.

Mr. Richard Pustasa, Principal of the Science High School, introduced several guidelines in connection with the new grading system as recommended by DepEd.  Although Mr. Herbert San Pedro explained the new concepts to the parents in detail, those who had questions were encouraged to approach concerned parties for further clarification after the session.

As the first session was intended for parents of Grade 7 and other transferees, the Prefect of Discipline, Mr. Ramon Belizario then presided with a discussion of the rules and regulations of the school including sanctions for offenses.  This was followed by a session for parents of students in the Grades 8, 9 & 10 levels where new concepts were introduced and old rules were reiterated.

Dr. Mark G. Acierto and Ms. Farah Acierto-Cabanban listen intently with parents during the High School Department's Parents' Orientation.

Dr. Mark G. Acierto and Ms. Farah Acierto-Cabanban listen intently with parents during the High School Department’s Parents’ Orientation.

After the Secondary Level assemblies, the Elementary Principal, Ms. Shirley Bermido took charge of the meetings for parents of Pre-School pupils and other transferees.  She welcomed the attendees and promised them a fruitful year ahead with the help of the faculty members who were presented to them.

The last session in the afternoon was dedicated to parents of pupils who were already enrolled in CDN in the previous school year.


Over-all, the orientations went well and the fact that a great number of parents came for the meetings augurs well for a productive and successful year ahead for Casa del Niño Montessori and Science High School.


During the summer months of April and May 2015, the Casa del Niño SDO led by Coach Dennis Cabanban continued its programs for both Basketball and Volleyball teams by fielding new trainees to augment the remaining players who have not yet graduated.

The summer-long training was held to sustain the momentum of both teams which showed outstanding performances throughout the previous school year.  Worth noting was the excellent showing of the Volleyball teams led by Coach Mikko Gako whose players were champions in both the Boys and Girls Divisions.

Coach Mikko Gako emphasizes a point during the summer clinic for volleyball trainees.

Coach Mikko Gako emphasizes a point during the summer clinic for volleyball trainees.

The SDO complements the academic pursuits of the institution by making sure that Casans show excellence not only within the four corners of the classroom.  It has been noted that during the last couple of years, Casa del Niño has re-emerged as a formidable presence in athletic meets not only in San Pedro City but in the whole province of Laguna as well.


Basketball trainees jog around the quadrangle before the clinic held last summer at the CDN Arena.

According to Coach Dennis and Coach Mikko, the intramurals will be held early this school year to discover more potential players among the students.  With their energy and willingness to advance the athleticism of Casans, it is almost assured that our varsity teams will continue the superiority that was displayed last year and even surpass it.



With DepEd’s implementation of the K to 12 program in 2012, Casa del Niño has been preparing since then  for the additional Grade 11 level starting next school year.  The past school year 2014-2015 in particular has been a frenzy of research and exploration with the administration, teachers and staff delving into the expected issues that might come with the new situations pertinent to the new level.

CDN Pacita's Subject Coordinators and Admin Members headed by Ms. Farah Acierto - Cabanban CEO of CDNSSI together with the Senior High School Officials of University of Makati during the Senior High School Bench Marking Program of University of Makati.

CDN Pacita’s Subject Coordinators and Admin Members headed by Ms. Farah Acierto – Cabanban CEO of CDNSSI together with the Senior High School Officials of University of Makati during the Senior High School Bench Marking Program.

Teachers and staff of CDN have already undergone seminars and relevant immersion programs to be fully aware of the different new systems that have been prescribed by the DepEd.  One example is the team that visited the University of Makati last May to experience the various laboratories and equipment that have to be acquired by the school to be fully functional for the said new strands or grade levels.


During that immersion program, speakers and resource persons instructed the attendees on the different aspects of the K to 12 curriculum and the new courses that have been integrated in both Grades 11 & 12 levels.

Having been apprised of the new subjects that will be introduced in the next two years, several teachers are now enrolled in classes in other institutions to be prepared for new courses such as electrical, bookkeeping and other courses.  During the summer, seminars in our Pacita 2 campus were also held to train our teachers in relevant methods and approaches in anticipation of the expected trends.

On the part of the administration, several rooms are now being prepared to accommodate the Grade 11 students who will be enrolling next school year.

It is worth noting that several students from other schools have now transferred to CDN because of our preparedness for the K to 12 curricula as against other schools who will not continue on with Grades 11 & 12 due to foreseen constraints such as lack of rooms and teachers for said program.

As the CEO of CDNSSI, Ms. Farah Acierto-Cabanban is ready to uphold the status of our institution as a leader in our community.  “We should move on with the times and adapt to the necessary changes for the benefit of our clients, our students who will take our place in the future,” she emphatically stated.


Winners of the recent search for Mr. & Ms. Science 2014 pose for photographers after the coronation rites.  Standing from left to right are Charles Albrecht & Hillary Faith Hervias (4th RU), Aldrin Miñosa & Iris Tomboc (2nd RU), Rajesh James de Leon & Joyce Mitra (Mr. & Ms. Science 2014), Junell Gotico & Irah Cullado (1st RU) and Gabriel Avena & Hillary Faith Hervias (3rd RU).

Winners of the recent search for Mr. & Ms. Science 2014 pose for photographers after the coronation rites. Standing from left to right are Charles Albrecht & Hillary Faith Hervias (4th RU), Aldrin Miñosa & Iris Tomboc (2nd RU), Rajesh James de Leon & Joyce Mitra (Mr. & Ms. Science 2014), Junell Gotico & Irah Cullado (1st RU) and Gabriel Avena & Hillary Faith Hervias (3rd RU).


CDN Pacita , San Pedro, Laguna – Winning 8 out of 12 special awards including Best in Talent and Best in Uniform which are the most sought after prizes, 4th year student Rajesh James de Leon was the favorite to win the title and at the end of the pageant, he was crowned Mr. Science 2014 at the CDN Arena last October 4.  Another senior, Joyce Mitra, was also proclaimed Ms. Science 2014 and was crowned by Dr. Mark G. Acierto and his wife Ms. Sarah S. Acierto.

Joining Rajesh and Joyce in the winning circle were Junell Gotico & Irah Cullado (1st Runners Up), Aldrin Miñosa & Iris Tomboc (2nd Runners Up) Gabriel Avena & Mary Viem Delizo (3rd Runners Up) and Charles Albrecht & Hillary Faith Hervias (4th Runners Up)

Aldin Miñosa’s Engineering attire was the over-all best costume and a certificate was given to his designer at the start of the show.  Other winners of special awards given were:  BEST IN SCHOOL UNIFORM – Rajesh James de Leon & Irah Cullado; TEACHERS’ CHOICE – Charles Albrecht & Irah Cullado; STUDENTS’ CHOICE – Dominic Palatolon & Julia Basangan; BEST IN COSTUME – Rajesh James de Leon & Mary Viem Delizo; MR. & MS. FRIENDSHIP – Rajesh James de Leon & Mary Viem Delizo; BEST IN TALENT SHOW – Rajesh James de Leon & Hillary Faith Hervias;  NETIZENS’ CHOICE – Dominic Palatolon & Mia Alexa Guinto; BEST IN CASUAL WEAR – Rajesh James de Leon & Joyce Mitra; MR. & MS. PHOTOGENIC – Rajesh James de Leon & Irah Cullado; DIRECTOR’S CHOICE – Gabriel Avena & Iris Tomboc;

MR. & MS. PERSONALITY – Rajesh James de Leon & Rouie Anne Sacdalan; BEST IN FORMAL WEAR – Rajesh James de Leon & Joyce Mitra.

Judges during the pageant were former Ms. Science Karen Huervas Caro, former Mr. Science Raphael Soliman, actor Gio Alvarez, beauty queen Mia Narvaja Pondare and pageant enthusiast Charison Abadier.

Outgoing titlists David Kingston and college student Daisherene Driza were also on hand to relinquish their crowns as Mr. & Ms. Science 2013.

DepEd issues guidelines on anti-measles campaign

Official Press Release

PASIG CITY— In response to the increase in the number of individuals contracting measles, the Department of Education (DepEd) has issued DepEd Memo No. 03 s.2014 on Thursday regarding the implementation of the anti-measles campaign in public schools. Following the advisory of the Department of Health (DOH), DepEd has ordered the Schools Division Superintendents (SDSs) and the Regional Directors (RDs) to oversee the smooth execution of the campaign.

School heads have been instructed to send home students exhibiting flu-like symptoms to rest and recuperate.

The DepEd is also asking schools to disseminate information about measles and immunization procedures as well as report identified cases to concerned local health units. They have also been advised to coordinate with the local government health units for the complete vaccination of children.

The systematic relay of information regarding students’ and teachers’ state of health is expected to be operationalized through the Preventive Alert System in Schools (PASS). Under the system, school principals must conduct, monitor, and maintain records of students and personnel’s daily health inspection. Pertinent information must be relayed to the SDS and to the DepEd central office for review and appropriate action.

Authorities recommend addressing any signs of measles at the onset. Measles are rapidly transmitted through air or direct contact, and when ignored it can cause diarrhea, dehydration, pneumonia, encephalitis, blindness, and deafness. It is especially hazardous for very young and undernourished children.


In the recently concluded Buwan ng Wika Celebration mounted by the San Pedro Tourism Council, the CDN Children’s Choir and CadeBox from the Elementary and Science High School Departments respectively were proclaimed Champions in the Sayawit competitions held last September 30 at the Pacita Astrodome in San Pedro City, Laguna.


The CDN Children’s Choir rendered their contest piece “Para Sa Iyo Bayani” and choice song “Piliin Mo Ang Pilipinas” with their choir master Mr. Kennedy Tabon at the helm.  With their angelic voice and masterful performance, the kids won over the judges and audience alike and thunderous applause followed after they sung their last notes.  It was clear that the group was going to win which was confirmed by a unanimous decision from the judges.

Later in the afternoon, CadeBox (a combination of Cadence and Malebox) performed the contest piece “Ka Bayani” together with “Isang Gabing Maliwanag ang Buwan”, an original composition by Mr. Chito Maramag who trained the group.  It was a close fight as there were so many excellent performances from the competing choirs.  However, CadeBox got the nod from the judges noting that aside from the vocals, they also considered the other important criteria namely, choreography, costumes, props and concept.  Despite the split decision, the group was proclaimed winner after an intense deliberation.


The weeks prior to the competition were stressful to say the least as typhoons caused class suspensions and several delays.  However, it was well worth it as Casa del Niño proved once again that it is indeed the home of chorale champions despite the naysayers.

Credits go to Mr. Jaspher Payag  who designed the filipiniana inspired costumes, choreographed the movements of the children’s choir and also helped in the makeup of the CadeBox girls.  Special thanks to Ms. Katherine Trangco and the Himig Sanghaya Chorale for a workshop before the competition.



Last July 13, the Casa del Niño Science High School students held their acquaintance party at the CDN Arena, Pacita 2 Campus, San Pedro, Laguna.  The first big event of the school year, billed as “Groovy Ca Sa Party, Baby!”, was a well attended vintage-themed affair.  Aside from the party, it merged competitions for the freshmen and the oath-taking ceremonies of Club and Student Council Officers who spearheaded the occasion.

Mr. Richard A. Pustasa, CDNSHS Principal, welcomed the students which included Casans from the Sta. Rosa Campus who have been invited to the party for many years now.  “This event is not just a venue for fun but also a way to unite students from both campuses,” the school head said.  Ashley Papas Rinonos, a senior student, delivered her inaugural address as President of the Student Council.


Winners of the Mr. & Ms. Freshman Pageant pose with alumni judges: Ms. Science 2012 Nicole de Mesa, Mr. Freshman 2009 Kevin Perez and Mr. Science 2012 Mark June Rodriguez, 5th, 6th & 9th from the left respectively.

Several Grade 7 students competed for the traditional Mr. & Ms. Freshman pageant and in the end, two students emerged with the title:  Jake Zavala, Mr. Freshman 2013 and Aaliyah Benizano, Ms. Freshman 2013.  For the other competition, an energetic and graceful group from section Keppler won the Freshman Dance Contest.

Special awards were also given to other deserving students. New Faces of the Year were Grade 7 students Nicole Cortez and Princess Nicole de Mesa while the organizers declared David Kingston and Nica Mendez as Mr. & Ms. Fashionista.  It was deemed that both of them stood out in their vintage-inspired outfits.

The students enjoyed the evening with the blaring music, spell-binding lights and a photo booth that captured the gaiety for posterity.  It was observed that the merrymaking was both riotous and peaceful at the same time from the moment it started at 7 PM until it concluded before midnight.

According to the SC Officers, proceeds from the ticket sales will be used for their proposed projects this school year.