In the recently concluded Buwan ng Wika Celebration mounted by the San Pedro Tourism Council, the CDN Children’s Choir and CadeBox from the Elementary and Science High School Departments respectively were proclaimed Champions in the Sayawit competitions held last September 30 at the Pacita Astrodome in San Pedro City, Laguna.


The CDN Children’s Choir rendered their contest piece “Para Sa Iyo Bayani” and choice song “Piliin Mo Ang Pilipinas” with their choir master Mr. Kennedy Tabon at the helm.  With their angelic voice and masterful performance, the kids won over the judges and audience alike and thunderous applause followed after they sung their last notes.  It was clear that the group was going to win which was confirmed by a unanimous decision from the judges.

Later in the afternoon, CadeBox (a combination of Cadence and Malebox) performed the contest piece “Ka Bayani” together with “Isang Gabing Maliwanag ang Buwan”, an original composition by Mr. Chito Maramag who trained the group.  It was a close fight as there were so many excellent performances from the competing choirs.  However, CadeBox got the nod from the judges noting that aside from the vocals, they also considered the other important criteria namely, choreography, costumes, props and concept.  Despite the split decision, the group was proclaimed winner after an intense deliberation.


The weeks prior to the competition were stressful to say the least as typhoons caused class suspensions and several delays.  However, it was well worth it as Casa del Niño proved once again that it is indeed the home of chorale champions despite the naysayers.

Credits go to Mr. Jaspher Payag  who designed the filipiniana inspired costumes, choreographed the movements of the children’s choir and also helped in the makeup of the CadeBox girls.  Special thanks to Ms. Katherine Trangco and the Himig Sanghaya Chorale for a workshop before the competition.



Last July 13, the Casa del Niño Science High School students held their acquaintance party at the CDN Arena, Pacita 2 Campus, San Pedro, Laguna.  The first big event of the school year, billed as “Groovy Ca Sa Party, Baby!”, was a well attended vintage-themed affair.  Aside from the party, it merged competitions for the freshmen and the oath-taking ceremonies of Club and Student Council Officers who spearheaded the occasion.

Mr. Richard A. Pustasa, CDNSHS Principal, welcomed the students which included Casans from the Sta. Rosa Campus who have been invited to the party for many years now.  “This event is not just a venue for fun but also a way to unite students from both campuses,” the school head said.  Ashley Papas Rinonos, a senior student, delivered her inaugural address as President of the Student Council.


Winners of the Mr. & Ms. Freshman Pageant pose with alumni judges: Ms. Science 2012 Nicole de Mesa, Mr. Freshman 2009 Kevin Perez and Mr. Science 2012 Mark June Rodriguez, 5th, 6th & 9th from the left respectively.

Several Grade 7 students competed for the traditional Mr. & Ms. Freshman pageant and in the end, two students emerged with the title:  Jake Zavala, Mr. Freshman 2013 and Aaliyah Benizano, Ms. Freshman 2013.  For the other competition, an energetic and graceful group from section Keppler won the Freshman Dance Contest.

Special awards were also given to other deserving students. New Faces of the Year were Grade 7 students Nicole Cortez and Princess Nicole de Mesa while the organizers declared David Kingston and Nica Mendez as Mr. & Ms. Fashionista.  It was deemed that both of them stood out in their vintage-inspired outfits.

The students enjoyed the evening with the blaring music, spell-binding lights and a photo booth that captured the gaiety for posterity.  It was observed that the merrymaking was both riotous and peaceful at the same time from the moment it started at 7 PM until it concluded before midnight.

According to the SC Officers, proceeds from the ticket sales will be used for their proposed projects this school year.


EVP Dr. Mark G. Acierto welcomes the Casans to the new school year during the first day general assembly at the CDNSHS Arena.

EVP Dr. Mark G. Acierto welcomes the Casans to the new school year during the first day general assembly at the CDNSHS Arena.

The school year 2013-2014 officially started on June 6, 2013 with a general assembly at the Casa del Niño Science High School Arena presided over by the Executive Vice President, Dr. Mark G. Acierto.  With most of the 446 high school enrollees in attendance,  Dr. Acierto welcomed the Casans to the school and reiterated the vision of the institution by inspiring them to think way ahead and preparing for their future today by building on their strengths and interests.

After his opening remarks, the EVP endorsed the new Principal, Mr. Richard Pustasa to the students.  Mr. Pustasa was formerly the Principal of the CDN Sta. Rosa branch but was a faculty member of the main campus for many years before that.  The Principal then introduced the teachers, old and new, to the body.

The four high school levels from Grades 7 and 8 to 3rd Year and 4th year have 3 sections each for a total of 12 classes.  Of the 446 currents enrollees, 218 are males and 228 are females.  The Registrar’s Office reports that there are 67 new students who came from other institutions while 13 Casans who previously transferred to other schools came back this year.  Ms. Yoly Jakosalem, CDN Registrar, is happy to note that the current High School population has exceeded that of last year despite the downward trend that pervades other private institutions.

Dr. Mark G. Acierto ended the opening ceremonies by directing the students to report to their advisers in their respective classrooms.  The EVP is optimistic that this will be a brighter and more fruitful school year not only for the main campus but also for the rest of the schools belonging to Casa del Niño Schools System, Inc.

Appropriate Clothing Campaign

CASA DEL NIÑO encourage the “Appropriate Clothing in School ” Campaign, where Parents, Students and All Employees are advised NOT to WEAR SANDO, SHORTS and SLIPPERS inside the School’s premises.

The school believes that the way we dress ourselves reflects our respect to the people around us. Hence, WEARING of SANDO, SHORTS and SLIPPERS is not encouraged inside the school. The APPROPRIATE CLOTHING IN SCHOOL Campaign covers all members of the academic community (faculty, administrators, students, maintenance people and visitors on campus). This campaign also hopes to make the students conscious and concern about the way they dress inside the school.