For the second straight year, Casans clinched the 1st Runner-Up spot in the De La Salle University Laguna Campus-sponsorred Sci-Math Interchool Challenge held last Saturday,  12 October 2019.

The CDN representatives pose with their trophy after being declared 1st runner-up at the SCI MATH challenge.

It was a virtual repeat of the previous year’s competition with the same schools taking the same rankings:  CHAMPION:  De La Salle Integrated School, Lipa Campus;  1st RUNNER-UP: Casa del Niño Science High School;  2nd RUNNER-UP: Manila Science High School.

27 schools from the National Capital Region and Southern Tagalog participated in the annual contest with the theme: “Science for the People: Enabling Technologies for Sustainable Development”

The following Casans contributed to the victorious campaign in these categories:

SCI-MATH ROOM ESCAPE (Coached by Vincent Bryan Reyes)

Simone Toira Rosayaga (7 Descartes)

Daniel Aiken Eduardo (8 Arber)

Paul Jericko Cawili (9 Boyle)

Arjay Pangilinan (9 Boyle)

Angela Meygan Muramatsu (9 Boyle)

Sam Elijah Bojeador (10 Hertz)

Glenn Royce Felix (10 Hertz)

Leo Angelo Reyes (10 Hertz)

SCI-MATH QUIZ BEE (Coached by Benjamin Aprecio, Vinvent Bryan Reyes & Dienel Manipol)

Jhullianne Grace Pineda (10 Hertz)

Julia Rae Valdez (10 Hertz)

Jomari Marielle Sandico (9 Boyle)

SCI-MATH MODULO ART (Coached by Maricel Cauilan)

Calista Joie Bautista (10 Hertz)

Tanya Palgue (10-Watt)

SCI-MATH DIGITAL POSTER  (Coached by Warren Hasley Nucum)

Hananeel Rapanan (10 Volta)

Vince Andrei Malabanan (10 Volta)

Ruel Anthony Galve ( 10 Hertz)

Roman Manuel (9 Boyle)

The Casans received the following medals in the following categories:

SCI-MATH QUIZ BEE – 2nd Runner -Up (Bronze Medal)

Jhulliane Grace Pineda

Julia Rae Valdez

Jomari Marielle Sandico


Tanya Palgue (Silver Medal)

Calysta Joie Bautista (Champion)

Over-all Ranking of Participating Schools

CHAMPION:  De La Salle Integrated School, Lipa Campus

1st Runner-Up:  Casa del Niño Montessori & Science High School

2nd Runner-Up:  Manila Science High School

This recent achievement proves once more that Casa del Nino is at par with not only  the best and established schools in the region, but in the whole country as well.


In the past weeks, Casa del Nino students competed and won in several contests in both arts and sports.  The CDN Red Stallions led the pack of victors in winning both the Volleyball and Basketball Boys Divisions at the San Pedro Area Meet, beating competitors from the city’s private schools.

Members of the Red Stallions Volleyball Boys Team pose with their coach, Mr. Gene Salamat, squatting second from right. Photo courtesy of the Casan Plug.

The Volleyball Boys team, led by coach Gene Salamat, won all of their games prior to the finals where they vanquished the competition convincingly. The Basketball team on the other hand had a nail-biting last minute in the championship game as the opposing team managed to lessen the gap to only two points in the last few seconds.  The Red Stallions, led by coach Anthony Gutierrez,  are now busy preparing for the District Meet as a result of that victory.

The Volleyball Girls team managed to land in second place after their star player got injured during their second game proving to be a blow to the team’s  confidence which affected their game negatively.

In the Literary and Musical Competition organized by the San Pedro Private Schools Administrators Association (SPPRISAA), Shane Brutas and Nicole de Jesus, trained by Mr. Kennedy Tabon, were declared Champions in Vocal Duet .  Ellana Cacho was Second place in Extemporaneous Speech while CADENCE came in third place in the Senior High School Chorale Competition.

Mr. Dennis Cabanban, Head of the Sports Development Office was more than satisfied with the performance of the students as they brought honours to the school  again in the said fields.


Standing from left are Mathew Malillin and Jack Manalo of Grade 11 (2nd Runners Up, Mr. & Ms. Intrams) Bon Yap (Best Cosplayer and Best in Costume), Aaron Daniel Mitra and Samantha Yumang (Mr. & Ms. Intrams 2019) & Mairoh Dwyne Tocino and Jaicel Ocbina (1st Runners Up, Mr. & Ms. Intrams)

Marking the opening of this year’s Intramurals were two contests involving representatives from each grade level of the high school department at the CDN Gym last Monday, 02 September 2019.  The search for Mr. & Ms. Intramurals 2019 gathered a pair each from the grade levels in their usual sportswear while the annual Cosplay had one representative each from the grade levels wearing Mobile Legends costumes. 

Declared as Mr. & Ms. Intramurals 2019 were Aaron Daniel Mitra and Samantha Yumang, both of Grade 12.

After the question and answer segment, both candidates from Grade 11, Aaron Daniel Mitra and Samantha Yumang   were proclaimed Mr. & Ms. Intrams 2019.  Also awarded were:  Mairoh Dwyne Tocino, Grade 7 and Jaicel Ocbina, Grade 9 (1st Runners Up), Mathew Malillin, Grade 11 and Jack Manalo also of Grade 11 (2nd Runners Up).  Aaron Daniel Mitra and Samantha Yumang also won the Best in Sportswear sashes.

Nominated for Best Costume during the Cosplay Competition was Jhulliane Pineda from Grade 10 as Ruby.
Nominated for Best Costume at the Mobile Legends Cosplay was Kenneth Villas of Grade 11 as Granger.

Bon Yap of Grade 12 who came as the ML character Vale, won Best Costume and the Best Cosplayer awards.  Nominated for Best Costume were Kenneth Villas of Grade 11 as Granger and Jhulliane Pineda of Grade 10 as Ruby.

From Grade 11, Aaron Mitra won the special award for Best in Sportswear.
Winning the special award for Best in Sportswear during the search for Mr. & Ms. Intrams was Jaicel Ocbina of Grade 9.

Acting as judges of both contests were Human Resource Officer, Ms. Michelle Asiddao; Registrar, Ms. Yoly Jakosalem and OIC/Principal, Mr. Herbert San Pedro.  Also in attendance during the event was Chief Executive Officer Farah Acierto Cabanban who declared the the games officially open. 

The opening event was a success and credit goes to the teams who worked hard led by Ms. Bheverly Rolda of the MAPEH department, Ms. Kristine Yatco who made the stage beautiful as usual, Ms. Mellicent Siblag and the Student Council officers and of course Mr. Dennis Cabanban, head of the Sports Development Office.


CDN Administrators receive trophies of recognition during the Scholastic Readers’ Cup Awards Night held at the PICC last August 20, 2019. Standing from left to right are Ms. Yolanda Jakosalem, Ms. Farah Acierto-Cabanban, Ms. Michelle Asiddao, Ms. Shirley Bermido and Mr. Vic Belizaro.

Several schools of CDNSSI were honoured at the Scholastic Readers’ Cup awards ceremony held last  August 20, 2019 at the Philippine International Convention Center.

The Scholastic Readers Cup, now on its seventh year, is an inter-school competition that promotes books and reading. The annual event is organized by Scholastic, the world’s largest publisher of children’s books.

Garnering First Place in the Sapphire Category (participating schools with population of not more than 299)was CDN Ciudad de Calamba for having an average of 40 books or more read per pupil. Said branch of CDN has been a consistent awardee of the Scholastic Readers’ Cup.

The High School Department of the Main Campus received a Second Place Trophy in the Emerald Division (population: 300-499) for having an average of 40 books or more read per student.

Other CDN branches represented and honoured on that night were CDN Roxas (Isabela) and CDN San Lorenzo (Sta. Rosa City)

Present during the awarding ceremonies were Ms. Farah Acierto-Cabanban & Ms. Jasmine Nido (Ciudad de Calamba), Ms. Yoly Jakosalem, Ms. Hannah Aranjuez, Ms. Ezra Casas, Ms. Michelle Asiddao and Ms. Hazel Labordo (Main Campus/High School) Mr. Vic Belizario & Ms. Eula Vitug (Sta. Rosa City), Ms. Shirley Bermido & Ms. Christine Ferrer (Main Campus/Elem)

Aside from highlighting the boundless potential of reading to educate, to nurture the person and to positively alter lives, the Readers’ Cup is also Scholastic’s way of honoring the commendable efforts of education frontliners: The school directors /principals, teachers and librarians, in elevating the country’s literacy rate and state.


Grade 8 Baltimore Casans proudly display their finished Baked Chicken Empanada which they prepared as their 1st Quarter Examination under Ms. Mennie Aquino.

Among the subjects taught in Casa del Nino Science High School, as in every Philippine Secondary School, Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE) is one of the more practical learning areas that help prepare students in many aspects of life including independence and entrepreneurship. 

During the 1st Quarter of the Grade 8 Curriculum, Casans are taught to bake and cook delicacies that can either be consumed or sold, as they are taught to treat this knowledge as a means to start a business.  This gives them ideas as to what they may concoct, bearing in mind the expenditure, processes of production and the measurements necessary to come up with a product that has the most potential for business.

The examinees prepare the ingredients for the Chicken Empanada they are about to bake for their 1st Quarter Examination in TLE.

TLE equips the students with practical knowledge that they can use at home to help in their household so they become adept at chores that they can use immediately or later in life in situations where their parents or helpers are not around.  Thus, this subject also teaches them to be independent to a certain degree.

Tr. Mennie Aquino assists her student in baking during the 1st Quarter Examination of her Grade 8 TLE class.

As an example, for their 1st Quarter Examination, the Grade 8 Baltimore Casans under Tr. Mennie Aquino were tasked to come up with the most delectable Chicken Empanada which will then be graded according to Taste, Nutritive Value, Visual Appeal and Cost.  Upon tasting at the end of their baking examination, the finished product “Baked Chicken Empanada” was crispy on the outside, well cooked and tasty in the inside.  Good enough to be sold as a business.


A promotional material posted on Facebook to inform the Casan Community of the school’s proactive stance towards Dengue-carrying mosquitoes.

As Health officials in the Philippines declare a “national dengue alert”, CDNSSI responds by fogging and cold misting the campuses in San Pedro, Laguna as its initial action today, August 3 and on August 10.  Executive Vice President Dr. Mark G. Acierto announced that this is a system-wide charge to battle the virus-carrying mosquitoes and that other branches will soon follow.

He said that about 100,000 cases of the deadly disease have already been reported across the Philippines in the first six months of 2019 alone which is an increase of 85% on the same period last year.  This has prompted the national government to declare Epidemics   in four of the most affected regions of the country — Mimaropa, Western Visayas, Central Visayas, and Northern Mindanao — which between them are home to more than 20 million people, or roughly 20% of the Philippines population. Although Southern Luzon has not reached that status yet, several San Pedronians have already been affected by the virus and that in itself is quite alarming.

Officials of DOH are also observing the situation in nine other regions which have outbreaks of the disease but stressed that dengue remains “localized” as opposed to a national epidemic.

Dengue fever is a painful, debilitating mosquito-borne disease caused by any one of four closely related dengue viruses. These viruses are related to those that cause West Nile infection and yellow fever.  Although it is deadly, the disease can’t be spread directly from one person to another person.

Symptoms, which usually begin four to six days after infection and last for up to 10 days, may include

Sometimes, symptoms are mild and can be mistaken for those of the flu or another viral infection. Younger children and people who have never had the infection before tend to have milder cases than older children and adults. 

A maintenance staff fogs possible breeding grounds of dengue-carrying mosquitoes around the campus of CDNSHS, Pacita Complex, San Pedro, Laguna.

To fight this disease, Casa del Nino is doing its share through the most effective preventive measure by destroying possible breeding places around the campus. There are also some things that ordinary citizens can do to prevent the mosquito from inflicting its deadly virus like wearing protective clothing (long pants, socks and long sleeves) and applying government-approved insect repellents.  The public is also advised to seek early consultation when the first signs and symptoms of the disease strike.

Parents of Casans are also encouraged to be proactive and to take precautionary measures keeping in mind that the mosquitoes bearing the dengue virus can be found anywhere.

Remember, an ounce of prevention is more than a pound of cure.

*With some facts gathered from WebMD and CNN Health.


Grade 7 students Kent Philippe Lagasca and Mikaela Vargas won the titles of Mr. & Ms. Freshman 2019 last Saturday, July 27 held in conjunction with the school’s Acquaintance Party “Mag ImaJEAN CA SA Denim Party” at the CDN Gym, Pacita Complex 2, San Pedro, Laguna.

Organized by the CDN Student Council and the Student Affairs Office, the party signalled the start of the school’s Social Calendar wherein Grade 7 students and transferees bonded with Grade 8 to 12 Casans in a party that lasted from 5 in the afternoon to 11 pm.

Grade 7 Casans Kent Lagasca and Mikaela Vargas smile with pride after receiving their sashes as Mr. & Ms. Freshman 2019. Standing moments after the awarding ceremony are (L to R) CDN EVP Dr. Mark Acierto, Mister Freshman 2018 Mackie Makabuhay, Lagasca, Vargas, Miss Freshman 2018 Angelica Garin and Ms. Mellicent Siblag, Student Council Adviser.

Mr. Bennie Casas, our Guidance Counselor begun with a prayer of blessings followed by the Opening Remarks of OIC Principal Mr. Herbert San Pedro who welcomed the guests comprised of students, parents and other supporters of the candidates.  Vice President for Academics, Dr. Mark G. Acierto was also on hand as presiding officer during the Oath-Taking Ceremonies of the School Clubs and Student Council Officers who reminded them of their responsibilities as role models of their followers.

Aside from the pageant, Grade 7 students  also participated in a dance competition won by 7 Ptolemy under Ms. Ezra Casas.

Aside from Lagasca and Vargas, other winners were Lance Daguno and Regine Lore (1st Runners Up), Roen Fucanan and Mika Padilla (2nd  Runners Up), Jeosh Libao and Lei Dacanay (3rd Runners Up) & Elijah Nunez and Feona Hermogeno (4th t Runners Up). Eman Karpat of Grade 7 and Rhianne Ibe of Grade 8 were respectively proclaimed King and Queen of the Dance Floor while  Grade 10 John Gilbert Escorial and   Angel Mayordomo of Grade 9  were adjudged Male and Female Fashionista of the evening.  New students Alejandro Anton Bautista  and  Althea Balmes both of  Grade 8 were declared New Faces of the year.

CDN EVP Dr. Mark Acierto administers the Oath of Office to SC and School Club Officers during the Acquaintance Party held July 27, 2019 at the CDN Gym, Pacita 2 Campus, San Pedro, Laguna.

The event went on smoothly and according to Ms. Mellicent Siblag, SC Adviser, the group was able to sell enough tickets to fund their projects for this school year. The Director for Student Affairs, Mr. Chito Maramag who directed the show,  thanked Sean Salaguinto of Grade 7, Senior Student Ethan Aseoche and Grade 7 adviser Vincent Reyes for gamely hosting the event from start to finish. 

Stage Decoration was handled by Ms. Kristine Yatco, adviser of the 4H Club who was ably assisted by the Boy Scouts of the Philippines and the SC Officers.  Mr. Ramir Almeida and Mr. Warren Nucum of the IT Department assisted in the technological aspects of the party while the Casan Emergency Medical Service students under Mr. Ramon Belizario helped manage the incidents that needed their first aid knowledge.

Overall, the party was a success and the attendees went home tired but satisfied.


The school’s boyband Malebox sing a rousing song that got the audience singing with them.

The MAPEH Depatment of CDN Science High School held the second annual recital of the school’s performing arts groups last Saturday, 6 July 2019 at the Auditorium of the CDN Elementary Campus, Phase 6, Pacita Complex 1.  Despite the heavy rainfall minutes before the show started, the hall was Standing Room Only with supporters coming in full force to support the performers.

Mr. Kennedy Tabon conducts his mixed choir CADENCE in singing a pop OPM song.

The goups composed of CADENCE, CDN Music Club, Danzartes and Malebox showed off their kinaesthetic and musical intelligences to the crowd in a two hour program that was capped off with a raffle draw courtesy of the sponsors, Salon 28 and Celestine Bazaar, whose proprietors  generously donated gift certificates to the delight of the winners.

On hand to welcome the guests was OIC Principal, Mr. Herbert San Pedro of the High School Department.  Vice President Milagros Asiddao and EVP Dr. Mark G. Acierto also came to wish the performers well.  Grade 7 student Sean Salaguinto carried off excellently his role as emcee of the recital.

The groups’ advisers, Roderick Medenilla (Music Club), Kennedy Tabon (CADENCE), Beverly Rolda (Danzartes) and Orlando Maramag (Malebox) were happy with the overall outcome of the event and the performance of the students who spent their summer break practising for musiCASAyaw 2.

Danzartes, mentored by Ms. Beverly Rolda, show off their terpsichorean skills in colorful costumes.

The parents and guests who were in attendance noticed a marked improvement in the performances of the students and said their support is unwavering as the group’s activities did so much for the development of their children in terms of confidence and social skills.

It was another affair that showcased  the excellence of Casan performers and the school’s commitment to the development its students’ multiple intelligences as a tool to strengthen and nurture  their character. Surely, next year’s edition will be another event to look forward to.

Music Club members trained by Mr. Roderick Medenilla render songs popularized via Disney movies.

Casans Carry Out Earthquake Drill For Disaster Preparedness

High School students of Casa del Nino Science High School gather in the quadrangle, the designated Evacuation Area of the schoool in case of a natural disaster during the Earthquake Drill.

Nobody is ever prepared for calamities but it is very important to be ready for when they strike.  This is why Casans are ordered each year to participate in a drill to get them primed for natural disasters such as an earthquake.  Today, the 20th of June 2019, the Casans were practiced on what to do in case a tremor strikes and they quickly gathered in the school quadrangle of the Casa del Nino Science High School campus in Pacita 2, San Pedro, Laguna, as the evacuation area of safety in case of a disaster.

Mr. Ramon C. Belizario of the Casa Emergency Medical Service has always spearheaded this yearly activity in line with the school’s mandate for Disaster Preparedness.  CEMS is a special course in school where students who are planning to study in the medical field are trained on emergency service and first response.

Despite the heat, the students gamely sat it out under the blazing sun and listened to Mr. Belizario make some observations and statements about the practical event.  High School teachers led by OIC/Principal Mr. Herbert San Pedro helped in the supervision of the Earthquake Drill.

Team Varsity Wins 2019 CDN Alumni Basketball League

Members of Team Varsity strike a pose with SDO Head Mr. Dennis Cabanban after receiving the Championship trophy of the just concluded CDN Alumni Basketball League at the CDN Gymnasium of Phase 6 Campus, San Pedro, Laguna last June 15, 2019.

A team composed of recent basketball varsity players prevailed over the defending champions, Batch 1998 in a nail biting final game held at the CDN Gymnasium, Elementary Campus, Phase 6, San Pedro, Laguna tonight, 15 June 2019. The young players rendered a fast paced 4th quarter and managed to squeeze past the veteran alumni players in the last few minutes of the extension to go 4 points ahead at 80-76.

Batch 1998, defending Champions of the sports league settled for 1st runner up after the final game of the CDN Alumni Basketball League won by Team Varsity with a score of 80-76.

Throughout the final game, the defending champions were ahead with the young guns going past them from time to time but the veterans proved too tough as they led most of the 4 quarters. After they tied at 71 all, the vigor of Team Varsity prevailed over the experience of Batch 1998 during the extension as they sunk in successive points in the last minute to overcome their opponents.

Mythical 5 pose with Season MVP. From L to R, Ralph Soliman (Batch 2002), Julius Inid (Batch 2015), Adrian dela Cruz, Season MVP (Batch 2012), AJ Lopez (Team Varsity) and Errol Papas (Batch 1998) pose during the half time of the CDN Alumni Basketball League finals last June 15, 2019.

Adrian dela Cruz holds his Season MVP trophy during the half time of the CDN Alumni Basketball Final Game held last June 15, 2019.

Joben Tamonte of Team Varsity holds aloft a trophy after being proclaimed the Finals MVP of the CDN Alumni Basketball League.

Declared Mythical 5 were Julius Inid (Batch 2015), Ralph Soliman (Batch 2002), Errol Papas (Batch 1998), Jan Jason Malumay (Batch 2004) and Angelo Lopez (Varsity Team). Adrian Dela Cruz of Batch 2012 was the Season MVP while Joben Tamonte was acknowledged as Finals MVP.
Mr. Dennis Cabanban, the Head of the CDN Sports Development Office which organized the whole affair, proclaimed the season league a success. Meanwhile, the alumni players affirmed the affectivity of the event in bringing Casans closer together in a sport that they love. Without the league, there would be no other way for them to get together in a wholesome manner.
The next season will be planned soon as the clamour for another league is strongly felt by the CDN administration. The CDN officers support the sports endeavour which is in keeping with the mission of the school to foster active alumni participation in the activities of the institution.