Grade 8 Baltimore Casans proudly display their finished Baked Chicken Empanada which they prepared as their 1st Quarter Examination under Ms. Mennie Aquino.

Among the subjects taught in Casa del Nino Science High School, as in every Philippine Secondary School, Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE) is one of the more practical learning areas that help prepare students in many aspects of life including independence and entrepreneurship. 

During the 1st Quarter of the Grade 8 Curriculum, Casans are taught to bake and cook delicacies that can either be consumed or sold, as they are taught to treat this knowledge as a means to start a business.  This gives them ideas as to what they may concoct, bearing in mind the expenditure, processes of production and the measurements necessary to come up with a product that has the most potential for business.

The examinees prepare the ingredients for the Chicken Empanada they are about to bake for their 1st Quarter Examination in TLE.

TLE equips the students with practical knowledge that they can use at home to help in their household so they become adept at chores that they can use immediately or later in life in situations where their parents or helpers are not around.  Thus, this subject also teaches them to be independent to a certain degree.

Tr. Mennie Aquino assists her student in baking during the 1st Quarter Examination of her Grade 8 TLE class.

As an example, for their 1st Quarter Examination, the Grade 8 Baltimore Casans under Tr. Mennie Aquino were tasked to come up with the most delectable Chicken Empanada which will then be graded according to Taste, Nutritive Value, Visual Appeal and Cost.  Upon tasting at the end of their baking examination, the finished product “Baked Chicken Empanada” was crispy on the outside, well cooked and tasty in the inside.  Good enough to be sold as a business.