With the beginning of the school year drawing near, the CDNSSI Administration gathered the members of the faculty of its Laguna Branches last Monday, 27 May 2019 with the INSET dubbed “Breakfast with the President” at the CDN Auditorium of its Phase 6 Campus, San Pedro, Laguna.

The School President, Dr. Rosario G. Acierto together with EVP Dr. Mark G. Acierto and VP for Finance Ms. Milagros G. Asiddao had a close and informal get together with the teachers who were pepped for the forthcoming first day of school and were reminded of Casa del Nino’s reason for being.

As it was billed “Breakfast with the President”, the event started off with the teachers lining up for the morning buffet prepared by the Human Resource Department head, Ms. Michelle Asiddao.  That set the tone for the short gathering that was buoyant, enlightening and fruitful

Dr. Acierto reminisced about the early stages of the school when she, like the members of the faculty, was just a regular classroom teacher who wanted to better herself while helping others by establishing this institution.  She said, “I never thought the small school I founded would grow big and remain strong for as long as it has despite all the obstacles”.  Inspiring her audience of teachers, she motivated them to also strive for their own betterment;  that if she achieved her present status, they could too, with hard work, courage and dedication.

It was a productive gathering that achieved its purpose to inspire, invigorate and encourage the teachers for their enormous task in the upcoming school year 2019-2020.