CASANs! We are Phenomenal

Written by: Mariella Talan

II-Darwin, ‘13


 It has been more than three decades since Casa del Nino started to inculcate students how to bring out the best in their minds, bodies and souls. Through the years, children were taught with arithmetic , grammar and many more. But as a current student of this institution, I believe that none of these things is a basis of being a True Casan at all. Because if you’re a real one, you should possess the greatest lesson this institution has taught us all. It is a True Casan’s strongest armor and greatest victory. It is something that we have all in our hearts. And it is nothing but best character, I suppose. Nothing but the greatest character.


But one question binds us all. What does it take to be a real Casan? Who is a real Casan? Are you even a real one? There are several Casans out there, but only a few are true. Only a few strives to be the best. Only a few strives to be phenomenal. But I believe that being a True Casan is not all about being great at anything or being academically powerful, because a real Casan’s power lies within his heart. It’s all about his values and his character. And the True Casan’s biggest mission? It is to inspire other Casans to be like them. It is to have the best lineage of Casans. It is to have every Casan the best in his own way. It is to have every Casan an inspiration to others. It is to have every Casan phenomenal.


And in the end, we Casans should unite and unleash the power that lies within us. The domination of True Casans shall prevail. A Casan that loves. A Casan that hopes. A Casan that inspires. We are True Casans in our own ways. Therefore, we are phenomenal. It is the greatest prodigy of our generation. It is the Casan Phenomena. And as a Phenomenal Casan, I have a big question for you. Do you think you are one of us?