Teachers guide the pupils as they proceed to the designated open space beside the school for safety while they await further instructions.

The Pre-School and Elementary Departments of Casa del Niño Montessori School in San Pedro, Laguna experienced last Thursday, 30 July 2015 the processes of evacuation in case of an earthquake.  It was an orderly exercise thanks to the reminders of the teachers for everyone to stay calm and collected during the training.

Before the drill, Mr. Ramon C. Belizario briefed the teachers and students regarding the correct procedures to follow in case of an emergency such as an earthquake.  He emphasized the need for the exercise so that when the time comes for an actual evacuation, the pupils will feel less tense during a crisis.

Reactions from parents were positive and the common feedback was that the earthquake drill is a re-enforcement of the school’s commitment for preparedness not only in academics but also training for real life situations.