Give a book, give hope this Christmas

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By TIPPY KINTANAR, Contributor
November 10, 2012, 11:35am

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Libraries build dreamers. Dreamers build the nation.

In the Philippines, only one in every 10 public elementary school students has access to a proper and functional library. Oftentimes, the books found in these libraries are even outdated and in poor condition. It is no surprise then that there are still many public school students who graduate from Grade 6 without knowing how to read.

To help change this unfortunate situation, the Acts of Hope for the Nation (AHON) Foundation has partnered with communities and different stakeholders in developing functional public elementary school libraries. Since 2006, AHON Foundation has helped develop more than 60 libraries in public schools all over the country.

For the Christmas season, AHON Foundation has launched the “Christmas Book Wish List Challenge” campaign to bring books and public elementary school children together. It calls for generous people who want to give the gift of hope and reading. To fill the shelves of the libraries, a donor needs to provide at least three dictionaries, 10 story books, three big books or large-print story books suitable for preschool students, and five young-adult fiction books.

Used books are welcome for as long as they are not dilapidated, too old, and worn out.

The donors who are able to complete the wish list will have his or her name placed on the walls of the AHON adopted library where the books will be given. Donations will go to the public schools that AHON will be working with next year.

For those interested to donate to the Book Wish List Challenge, call Herbel or Tippy at (02) 433-1440 or email