In response to the Corona Virus Pandemic, CDN is now preparing to employ EXCEL in SY 2020-2021 which is a flexible blended mode of education that will primarily be an online class to avoid physical attendance while the Pandemic still prevails. This is being done for the safety, health and well-being of students and teachers alike. When the Pandemic is lifted and a vaccine is already available, we may switch back to the usual face to face delivery of education but only when it is totally safe.

Mr. Gerald Valentin stresses a point to teachers for the transition from the classroom set up to the online mode of education.

For now, teachers of CDN are in the thick of learning EXCEL, this new method of teaching which is very different, an innovation for a different time and circumstance. This mode will continue the delivery of quality education through distance learning which for now will be totally online. When it is deemed safe, when a vaccine is available and when we are permitted by the authorities, we can switch to the blended online and face to face set-up. Safety, well-being and health of Casans are our top priorities while delivering quality education.

Teachers scheduled for the day listen to an expert, Mr. Gerald Valentin, explain about the transition from physical to online teaching.

Now, more than ever, the triangular partnership of Parents, Teachers and Students will have to be strengthened even more as this new mode cannot prosper if one link is weak. As soon as we are ready, parents or guardians will be briefed in an online orientation to better appreciate this new set-up.
For a better understanding, here are some definitions for your guidance.
Terms and Definitions
Online Learning – a.k.a. e-learning, refers to teaching and learning that relies on the use of online resources regardless of the distance between the teacher and the students. A teacher may employ online learning even if both teacher and student are in the same venue.
Distance Learning – refers to teaching and learning where the teacher delivers instruction from afar, but not necessarily with the use of online resources or tools. The delivery of instruction may be via radio or television, couriered printed packages, etc.
Online Distance Learning (ODL) – refers to a combination of distance learning and online learning. ExCEL is an example of ODL inasmuch as the teachers are physically distant from their students and are relying on online resources and tools to deliver instruction and ensure learning.
Synchronous Activity – refers to any activity that is scheduled to happen at an exact time and in a virtual place that has been agreed upon or announced earlier. This may be used for academic instruction where the teacher facilitates a class in real time to explain concepts or demonstrate skills. It may also be used for purposes of ensuring student well-being through real time peer-to-peer interactions, among other things.
Asynchronous Activity – refers to any activity, designed by the teacher, which may be done by the student at different times but still within the given parameters. This allows for flexibility in terms of the learning pace of students, availability of gadgets (if shared with other people), studying/working time (if a student needs to be assisted by parents who have their own busy schedules), strength of available Internet connection, etc.
Asynchronous learning may also refer to independent work provided by the teacher to be done possibly within a subject.
Learning Management System (LMS) – refers to the software application that houses the students’ online courses and facilitates interaction between student and teacher. Through the LMS, students access courses, materials, announcements, resources, lessons, links and other online tools. Most communication between student and teacher will take place in the LMS.
• ExCEL will employ both synchronous and asynchronous modes facilitating learning. This will ensure that teachers will have ample time to hold live sessions with students and do check-ins, and at the same time provide them with enough room to do activities and tasks on their own. This also addresses the issue of screentime, and bandwidth or connectivity issues.
As with all things new, we know that there will be difficulties and confusion at first but as we go along, we are sure that things will be easier and smoother. Here’s to a successful and productive School Year ahead of us all.
For a more detailed overview of the EXCEL program, please peruse the document entitled EXCEL OVERVIEW