Casan Identity




In 1981, Casa del Niño Montessori School was established as a modest one-classroom unit with only 17 pre-schoolers who were taught by the founder herself, Dr. Rosario G. Acierto, the lone teacher at that time.  From those humble beginnings, the school has grown exponentially and today, Casa del Niño Schools System, Inc. (CDNSSI) owns and operates a total of ten schools with campuses in the provinces of Laguna and Isabela, namely:


  1. Casa del Niño Montessori School  (Pacita Complex, San Pedro, Laguna)
  2. Casa del Niño Science High School (Pacita Complex, San Pedro, Laguna)
  3. Casa del Niño College (Pacita Complex, San Pedro, Laguna)
  4. Casa del Niño Montessori School of Biñan (Biñan, Laguna)
  5. Casa del Niño Montessori School of Sta. Rosa (Sta. Rosa, Laguna)
  6. Casa del Niño Montessori School of Ilagan (Ilagan, Isabela)
  7. Casa del Niño Montessori School of Roxas (Roxas, Isabela)
  8. MariaMontessoriSchool for Special Children (San Pedro, Laguna)
  9. Montessori Children’s House at Brentville (Brentville Int’l Community, Biñan)
  10. Casa del Niño Montessori School of Calamba (Ciudad de Calamba, CalambaCity)


At present, over two thousand current enrollees are benefiting from the programs instituted by the school.  It was not always this way though.  In its early years of existence, the school struggled to make ends meet as the founder had to manage a school that was also their home at that time in Phase 1B, Pacita Complex, San Pedro, Laguna.  To economize, Dr. Acierto had to multi-task taking on so many duties such as maintenance, bookkeeping and others.


After its first year though, the number of students grew so much so that in 1985, a bigger place was established to accommodate the ever increasing school population at Phase 4 of the same subdivision. At this time, new teachers and staff were already employed as one teacher alone could no longer manage the school that was emerging as an innovative and productive institution.


Still, another bigger place had to be scouted as positive word of mouth resulted in an overflow of interested parents who wanted their children enrolled in CDN.  Therefore, in 1986 another school site was founded in Phase 6 where the present Elementary Campus now stands.


In 1989, the High School Department opened also in Phase 6 and in March 1993, the first CDN high school graduates received their diplomas.


Buoyed by their early success, the founders decided to spread their wings northward as they launched the first branch in their hometown in Ilagan, Isabela in 1994. Today, Casa del Niño Montessori School of Ilagan is one of the best in Region 2 certified by DepEd as one of the most progressive institutions in Cagayan Valley.


1n 1995, the growing number of secondary level students could no longer be contained in the Phase 6 campus.  Therefore, a separate campus was set up in Pacita Complex 2 where the CDN Science High School now stands.


Recognizing the need for a school catering to the special needs of children with learning disabilities, the Maria Montessori School for Special Children was created in 1999.


In 2001, CDN was chosen to be the Asian Training Center for Human Values by the Institute of Sathya Sai Education which promotes spiritual and moral ethics.


2002 saw the launching of Casa del Niño College with course offerings in Information Technology and Education.  The first College graduates were honored in 2007.


The CDNMS Biñan Branch was added to the growing family in 2005.

In 2006, CDNMS Roxas rose as the second campus in Isabela and is now regarded as the fastest rising branch in terms of population and physical growth.  In the same year, the Sta. Rosa branch became its latest school in Laguna.


Changing to a higher gear, Montessori Children’s House was created in 2009 and is now gaining prestige at the exclusive Brentville International Community in Biñan, Laguna.


Pushing the boundaries even further south, CDNMS Ciudad de Calamba arose in 2010 and now stands as one of the most impressive schools in that area.


Today, Casa del Niño is regarded as a formidable foundation of learning that continues to keep up with modern methods, technologies and processes that benefit its clients.


Science laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and General Science are updated and maintained to keep the students abreast with new developments in the world of Science.   Speech laboratories on the other hand make sure that each student’s skill in communication is honed while an InternetAccessCenter is open for research to aid them in their schooling.


The school also instituted a computer-based Math program through Mathscore to sharpen their abilities in this subject.  Aside from these, lessons in the computer laboratory also form part of their curriculum to equip the students with knowledge needed in a technology-driven planet.


The students are immersed in Values Education and are taught to appreciate the importance of Peace, Integrity and Love for God, country, fellowmen and the environment, among others.  In conjunction with their subjects, the four core ideals of the school are injected and explained in practical ways to be better appreciated: Character, Academic Excellence, Scientific Mind & Achievement.


Although academics has always been its priority, CDNSSI sees to it that it also develops the spiritual, social, cultural and physical aspects of each student.  Over the years, Casans have brought honor to the school by winning in provincial, regional and national competitions not only in academics but also in other events such as sports, visual arts, music and dance.  The school boasts of its extensive cultural program which has produced award-winning groups such as its choir and dance troupe.


Now on its 31st  year, Casa del Niño continues to provide quality education within an environment that is most conducive to learning and development.   Every year, graduates of CDNSHS go on to prestigious universities such as Ateneo de Manila University, University of the Philippines, De La Salle University, University of Santo Tomas, and other institutions on the strength of their education in this institution.  These leading higher education institutions have bestowed honors on our graduates which is a testimony to the excellence of their academic foundation gained from our schools.


Looking ahead, CDNSSI is now in the process of finalizing plans to add more branches not only in Laguna and Isabela but in other areas as well.  The future looks bright and the prospects for growth and development are ever present as Casa del Niño Schools System, Inc. continues to bridge the gap between ambition and success.